ICT and the Stock Markets
Year 9 - Pastoral Programme

Task One - Entering the data

a) Decide which 4 companies you wish to invest in. The top 100 companies can be found on the Moneyworld site. Make a note of the current share price (listed under the 'Mid' column). Note this is the cost (in pence) to purchase ONE share. Once you have the prices for your four companies noted go to step b).

b) Open this excel file named shares01.xls (make sure you save this file to disk). The formulae for all the calculations have already been inserted into the table for you. Do not touch the cells that already contain data, if you do you will be deleting important formulae.

c) Add the names of your original four companies in the Company Names boxes (in the yellow table only)
d) Insert the dates for the share prices you have obtained
e) Insert the share prices for each company under the appropriate date
f) Insert the number of shares you intend to buy - notice how the blue table fills automatically showing the purchase cost of those company shares. It is important to note here that the Total Money Invested must not exceed 10,000. If it does you must reduce the number of shares you purchase. Re-save your file.
In the blue table you can now fill across each of the empty columns in order to copy each of the calculations. Do NOT fill the Total Money Invested row, this is filled in automatically for you. Save this spreadsheet as task1.xls.

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Task Two

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