ICT and the Stock Markets
Year 9 - Pastoral Programme

During the course of the next three tutorial sessions you will be creating your own "Shares Portfolio" and looking at how information technology impacts upon the stock market and the buying and selling of shares. The internet will be used for getting current share prices.

During the next three weeks you will be assessed on the following skills:
bullet the ability to use the internet in order to obtain current, "live", share prices
bullet the ability to use Excel to generate totals (using formulae)
bullet the ability to create charts showing the performance of share prices
bullet the ability to use modelling to predict future profits/losses

The aim of the exercise is to generate as much profit as possible from your chosen four companies. In order to achieve this aim you need to track the share prices of your chosen companies on a daily basis. This can be done via the Internet, using teletext or looking in the national newspapers.

The following tasks are to be followed carefully :-

Task One
Task Two
Task Three
Task Four

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