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KS4 Options 2006

January 2006

Dear Parents 

It is time for our Year 9 students, and their parents, to be considering choices of courses for the next two years. This is obviously a very important stage. These years involve the study for qualifications, mostly GCSE, which will be awarded in the Summer of the year 2008. 

Up to now, there has been little choice regarding subjects studied. These have largely been determined by Key Stage 3 of the National Curriculum. As we now prepare for Key Stage 4, there are also some aspects of the curriculum which are pre-determined. This is in many ways a positive advantage as it guarantees a degree of balance and prevents the possibility of making too many mistakes! Even so, there are still some genuine choices to be made. 

We cannot offer everything. The choices will be made within a clear framework to ensure breadth and balance; under the guidance of teachers and parents; and within the resources available and capacity of the school to meet individual wishes. 

There will be opportunities to obtain advice and guidance from teachers here. For example, our annual Parentsí Evening, which will help you to determine progress in various subjects, takes place on Tuesday 28 February. There is also a meeting on Tuesday 24 January at 7.00 p.m. in Bader Hall. This is not a consultation evening for particular subjects but is designed to help explain principles and procedures regarding options. 

Students in Year 9 will also be working with their form tutors to help them to understand the process and the choices possible. 

I hope that this booklet is a helpful guide which initiates the process of making these choices. 

Yours sincerely

E J Lunt
Acting Headteacher

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