ICT and the Stock Markets
Year 9 - Pastoral Programme

Task FOUR - Computer modelling

We are now going to carry out some computer modelling. This is where you use the computer to test out some predictions. For example, there is a sudden crisis on the New York Stock Exchange. This has sent shock waves across the Atlantic and all share prices in Banking companies on London Stock Exchange plummet by 20%. But the share values of any company dealing in Food/Supermarkets all rise by 10%.

a) In your spreadsheet add an extra date column and enter the next days date.

b) add a formula in the yellow table to show the effect of this stock market change. For example, any Bank shares you have are now only worth 80% of the previous days value. Any Supermarket shares are now worth 110% of the previous days value.

What is the current value of your share portfolio now? Are you still in profit? Save this table under the filename task4.xls

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