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Entry to the VI Form 2006:

The Sixth Form is open access in the sense that it is available to any student who wishes to continue in full –time education beyond the age of 16 - and for whom  a  relevant course  can  be  offered.   Whilst there are no  minimum educational requirements  for  entry  to  the  Sixth  Form, we would certainly expect that students who intend to stay on at school will have shown a commitment to study in the years prior to entry.   

Students in Year 12 are expected to work a full timetable which includes a compulsory Complementary Studies course.  (Key Skills and Universities Award). 

Intermediate and Foundation students will spend 2 full days at Tamworth College, one day on work experience placement and 2 days at school developing their key skills.  There will also be some time allowed for private study.

All students are expected to study for 2-3 hours each week-day evening during term time and students are advised not to underestimate the homework commitment that a full-time programme involves.  Private study time during the school day is intended to supplement, not replace, this homework expectation.

We hope that this booklet is a helpful guide which initiates the process of making these choices.

Text Box: Upper St. John Street, Lichfield, Staffordshire, WS14 9EE.
Telephone: (01543) 255714   Fax: (01543) 418118
Headteacher: Duncan Meikle, B.A., M.Phil.       




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